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The Players are the main protagonists of the Airplane series and the Starblox series. They make an appearance throughout the Airplane saga, as well as spin-off games and other games made by Ponchokings.

Airplane 1, 2, 3 Protagonists

In Airplane 1, 2, and 3, "The Players" refers to the same group of people. We know this due to the fact that Ronald remembers us and blames us for his death when, other than the captured noobs, the only people on the plane were the Airplane 3 players and General Poncho. The players in these games are evidently military personnel, which is inferred when they are chosen by General Poncho.

Cruise Protagonists

The Protagonists in Cruise are most likely different characters, and they don't have much importance to the Airplane series as a whole--other than finding General Poncho, who was presumed dead.

Airplane 4 Protagonists

There is plenty of evidence that the players in Airplane 4 are different characters than in the prequels. For example, the Good Ending of Airplane 4 reveals Pilot Keilly to be the mother of the players. However, Pilot Keilly was a child in Airplane 3, when the players were old enough to be in the army.

Castle Protagonists

The Protagonists of Castle are separate from the Airplane Saga Protagonists as they used to work with Diana to escape her castle and confront the dragon at endgame. However, due to them living a long time ago is what gives proof that they are not the same protagonists.

Starblox Stories Protagonists

The Starblox Stories protagonists are different from those that appear in the Airplane series. They are soldiers working for the Great Constitution, underneath the command of Hunter.

Pet Story Protagonists

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Pet Story protagonists are a group of pets that were adopted by Grannie with Canela. As the story progresses, they have to confront the main problem in one of the four endings within the game to help out or save someone from something.

Intruder Protagonists

Intruder protagonists work as a space rescue team having to rescue Dr. Googles from the abandoned laboratory and flee the facility afterwards while trying to evade the Alien sent out by Professor Z.

Hello Penguin, Super Size Obby, Age Simulator, & Platform Madness Protagonists

Although the players star in this game, they aren't technically counted as protagonists due to the game not being a story game unlike the ones listed above and that the games are a different game type of game.