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Susie is a minor character in Pet Story.





Pet Story

She only appears at the beginning talking to Grannie about which pets she wants to adopt. Afterwards, she is not seen for the rest of the game if the Classic Ending or Christmas Ending were chosen.

However in the Lab Ending, after defeating Roboslicer, the next scene shows Susie treating his injures thanks to Dr. Flea who started it. After a brief moment, she surprises Slicer with a new owner which is none other than Doug.

Lines (For the pets.)

(Canela only.) She is super friendly and cheerful!

(Slicer only.) He's very aggressive.

easy to train

very protective

very intelligent

eats a lot

eats trash

very sensitive

very friendly

gets mad easy

drinks from the toilet

sleeps all day

easy to train

needs exercise

has a lot of energy

adapts well

drools a lot

sheds a lot

very affectionate