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President Ronald, Airplane 2

Not to be confused with The Monster/Ronald.

President Ronald Trump is a major character in Airplane 2 and a minor character in Airplane 4: One Last Flight. In Airplane 2 he invited the players onto his personal aircraft as a celebration of the events of the previous game. He is the President of the United States of Robloxia.


Ronald Trump's design was supposed to reflect off of Donald Trump's look. His face uses the "Grr!" face from the Roblox Categories. In Airplane 2 his body was the Blocks Body set before using the Boy's Body set in Airplane 4. In Airplane 2 and Airplane 4 during its release, Ronald donned a red tie, but within an update to Airplane 4, changed it to a black tie.

Airplane 2

In Airplane 2 The Players are invited aboard Ronald's plane, the 911 Presidential Aircraft, as a reward for saving the plane in the Airplane Good Ending. The president is first seen in person for the meal segment. He greets the players with a "BUILD THAT BRICKWALL!" and quickly apologizes. He invites them to sit down and enjoy some soup, only for the nearby agent to inform him that the chef isn't finished. Ronald then orders the chef to be thrown off the plane, and choose a random player to finish the soup or be thrown off too.

After the meal, he heads back to his office. After the player unlocks the door, he will ask them to find the keys to his bedroom and allow then to sleep in it.

Finally, he is seen after a player grabs the pistol, and appears alongside an Agent. If the player decides to shoot him, he will lie dead, and it is revealed that he wasn't the monster.

Airplane 4: One Last Flight

After defeating Skeletox in the Good Ending of Airplane 4, President Ronald makes a speech congratulating the players for their heroism.


Ronald's personality is a Jekyll and Hyde situation. If Ronald is not mad, he is actually quite nice and polite. If he is mad, which according to the agent, happens easily, and he essentially becomes insane, as he ordered his agents to have the chef to be thrown off the plane.



  • President Ronald appears to be based on Donald J. Trump, the 45th and former president of the United States, before Joe Biden.
    • Evidence of this is his somewhat similar appearance, with blonde hair.
    • His "BUILD THAT BRICKWALL!" habit may also refer to Trump's similar statement.
    • According to the good ending of Airplane 4, his last name is indeed Trump.
    • He could be the good counterpart to his real life self as well.
  • His name is the same as the monster's name in Airplane's Secret Ending. This may raise suspicions and may cause players to shoot the wrong person at the end of Airplane 2. This leads to the Bad Ending. When Ronald dies, he will lie down on the ground, dead.
  • As his personality is a Jekyll (good) and Hyde (evil) situation, the names may be a reference to the 1990 musical, Jekyll and Hyde, which features both of the characters. The musical was composed by Deceased British composer, Leslie Bricusse.