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"I know Polo is proud. Wherever they are..."
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Polo is a limited time major character in Pet Story and an antagonist in the story. He serves as the sole antagonist of the Christmas Ending.





Pet Story

He is first indirectly mentioned by Rudolph of his actions of wreching havoc at Santa's Workshop and is the reason why the said reindeer is trying to search for help. Once arrived at the North Pole and at the front door of his workshop, the players get ready to confront him. Once entered, Polo gets furious of telling the animals off about not being able to celebrate Christmas. Afterwards, he engages the players in a battle, but afterwards is defeated, causing him to cry for his mommy running out of the workshop and back to his cave.

If the player beats the Christmas Ending with the Slicer skin, then they will unlock Polo as a skin.


  • Snowball Roll - Polo will begin to roll a snowball while moving around for a brief moment in order to give himself a chance to catch the players who stumble into his snowball while he's still rolling it. In a few second afterwards, Polo will launch the snowball in one player's direction.
  • Workshop Flood - A flood will occur inside the workshop while a few snowy-mountain like platforms rise, the players are given five seconds to respond to the flood and evade it. Any players that fail to get to the highest platform in-time will be hit by the flood, take 10 damage, and teleport to the said platform.
  • Raining Snowballs - A bunch of snowballs will rain into the workshop, but are predictable in any means due to the circle to indicate where they will land. This will go on for approximately twenty seconds while each snowball that hits the player deals 10 damage on contact.