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"I know Pet Story: Christmas Ending is proud. Wherever they are..."
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We need your help... A polar bear called 'Polo' took over Santa's Workshop!

The Christmas Ending is one of the three endings and used to be one of the two two achievable endings during the 2021 Christmas Event in Pet Story.


The player must choose to help Grannie with shopping once they are adopted. Once arrived at the grocery store, they, alongside Grannie walk up to the entrance and notice that there is a limited supply in groceries. Once inside the Grannie orders the player to pick out every single grocery as in the meantime she picks out the fruits and vegetables. The player then proceeds to do the following and pick out everything in the store. After everything is picked out a voice is heard from the Grocery Booth. The window then opens revealing Rudolph, who then says that at the North Pole, a polar bear named Polo infiltrated Santa's Workshop and is in desperate need of assistance to drive the polar bear out, otherwise he would ruin Christmas for everyone around the world. Canela and the player agree to lend a hand and hop into the sleigh and fly to the North Pole.

Once arrived Rudolph guides the player to the location of the workshop, with the only obstacle being a river in the way. The players then cross over the said river and arrive at the front of the workshop. Canela then states of the workshop being beautiful, before Rudolph says that someone didn't think about it being the same, revealing a cave next to the workshop, along with some polar bear footprints in the snow. Rudolph then tells to player to knock the door to confront Polo. Once done, the door swings open while Polo says who disturbs him, and then notices Rudolph who he thought he shooed off. He then says that there will be no gifts to anyone and that Rudolph is fired from his duties. Rudolph, in retaliation, says that Christmas will not be ruined by him, before Polo says what the animals are going to do. He then engages a battle with the player, who he is defeated later by. He then cries in pity defeat and flees the workshop for his mom back at the cave. Shortly after Polo's defeat, Santa Claus arrives alerting that the coast is clear for the elves and thanks thanks the player for saving Christmas, and Rudolph for finding help to get rid of Polo. Santa then has the elves work on the presents having short time to get ready, while Rudolph takes the player back to Grannie's house.

Back at Grannie's house, the titular character was worried sick for the player's absence but is glad and happy for them that they arrived shortly before Christmas, and much to her surprise gets lots of gifts as a reward for saving the workshop.

See Pet Story: Classic Ending for if the players goes to Grannie's House instead.