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This page contains spoilers for the page, Pet Story. Please feel free to play the game first before viewing this.

Pet Story is the third spin-off game of the Airplane series, after Castle and Cruise. By the title, it tells the story of adopted pets.





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At the Pet Shelter

The game begins where we see a garbage collector Ponchokings standing on a garbage truck leaving, releasing a green cloud. Then, the game begins at a pet adoption center, and playable pets appear. Canela suppose these are the new pets and introduces herself and says she's the purest Cocker they're will ever meet. Canela then says that they were rescued by Susie, the woman in the counter and she does not understand the pet's language. She says that Susie told the player that they could explore the center. A black mean looking dog named Slicer says that they shall never be adopted. After some time, someone arrives to adopt a pet. The woman introduces herself as Gertrudis, but they can call her Grannie for short. She decides to adopt all the players along with Canela. Susie tells all the players to get on grannie's truck before enter a fork path where Grannie thinks about picking up groceries or deciding to push it to another day. This ends with her deciding to push it to another day and go home.

Classic Ending: Arrival at Grannie's

The players arrive at home and is greeted by Misty, in the sleeping room, and says that she'll tell you something at night. The Pigeon outside of there taunts the cat. Later at night, Misty explains that When Grannie sleeps, the house gets infested with Cockroaches, and tells the players to not touch them when they're flying. The players must kill all of the Cochroaches. After that, grannie wakes up and the players must pretend to sleep. The Bird taunts them more and Canela says that we should teach the bird a lesson. So, the players follow after Canela and open the window, and the pigeon acts like it was a joke. When about to teach him a lesson, he flies off, and the ladder where everyone was standing on collapses and they all fall into a Garbage truck and taken to the trash site.

Lost in the City

Upon arriving, Canela says it was a bad idea and the players search a way to get out. You'll find a locked door and a key, however Ratty shoes up and takes it. He explains that his family is very hungry and would like some food. After this, Ratty's Family begin to spawn in and attack the players, each time they attack you lose -5 energy. After killing them, Ratty asks what the players did to his family and says if you want the key you must catch him. Ratty jumps off and begins running. You must attack him and get the key, and open up the gate. The players then encounter a bus which is rode by Shellie the Turtle, in which they have an option to talk to her, or decide to move on. The players decide not to talk to Shellie and instead walk to the park where they must avoid cars in the process. While traveling you'll meet the 3 dogs, Bulk, Bull and Bob. They say that they don't look like street dogs and upon hearing that the players are trying to find a way home, Bob explains what they'll do to him, which he responds with help them, however he is corrected with that they'll chase and eat them. Canela tells everyone to run while the 3 dogs chase the players, doing -5 damage to each player they hit. The players get cornered by the 3 dogs, but Animal Control shows up. The players break a hole in the wall closed up by planks and the Animal Control asks where they think they're going. The players soon notice that Canela was Taken by the Animal Control.

Operation: Rescue Canela

While chasing the vehicle they must dodge Animal Control units guarding the streets and they'll chase you if you get in their circle, taking off -10 energy each swing. The players soon notice that Canela was taken into the Deadly Shelter. From here another fork occurs saying if they the players should go through the entrance or sneak through the vents. This ends with the players deciding to take the entrance. Upon entering, the players slowly creep their way once they notice the guard inside is sleeping. Upon moving, other dogs black with yellow neon eyes watch them. Upon entering the last room, you can see Canela in a cage next to the Furnace, Canela tells them to leave but the players are confronted by Slicer. He says that he should be dead but was adopted by the deadly shelter to do their deadly work. Bulk, Bull, and Bob and other dogs can be seen here.

The Battle with Slicer

The players and Slicer engage, Slicer charging at the player in a line, sending our 3 circle soundwaves at the players, and spins around chasing the closest player while sending out shockwaves. Soon Slicer gets tired and the player attacks them making slicer lose 1 heart, each time he gets hurt, he repeats his moves but does it faster. After defeating him he steps backwards and says that this isn't possible, and soon falls into the Furnace, killing him.

Classic Ending Aftermath

2 Animal Control guards pop in and are after to capture them but grannie pops in at the right time. She takes them back, and at the end of the story, a Police officer is there and it says that the Animal Control units and deadly shelter were involved in criminal activities. They players can freely roam the house and can teleport back to the lobby.

Christmas Ending: Grannie's Chore

On second thought, Grannie decides to get the choir done today and out of the way and instead drives to the local grocery store. Shortly after, the players arrive, before when Grannie notices that there is a limited supply of food, she then goes inside along with the pets, before she commands the pets to pick out everything off the shelves while she picks out the fruits and vegetables. After all the groceries are picked out, in the drive-thru section of the store, the window opens revealing Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer who then asks for help at the North Pole as an intruder has been causing torment at there. Afterwards the players get onto Santa's Sleigh before traveling to the North Pole.

Onwards to Santa's Workshop

Once arrived at the North Pole, Rudolph give directions to the Workshop for the players to follow along with a frozen pond being an obstacle as well for the players to cross upon. The players proceed to parkour over frozen pond and arrive at the workshop before noticing a break-in through the right side of the workshop. Afterwards they knock the door to get ready to confront the intruder.

Confronting the Intruder

Once the door swings open, a polar bear named Polo is seen sitting on Santa's throne who states of there being no Christmas for anybody in the world and thought of already driving Rudolph away from the workshop. Afterwards, Polo proceeds to engage in a battle against the players. However, Polo is defeated, and being a sore loser retreats back to his cave while crying for his mom.

Christmas Ending Aftermath

After Polo's defeat, Santa Claus arrives at the scene both Rudolph and the players for saving Christmas. Afterwards, Santa and his crew get ready for Christmas as they have little time left to make the presents and deliver them. Afterwards, Rudolph takes the players to Grannie's house who was worried sick for them and is happy and relieved that they arrived back just in time. Santa Claus also leaves loads of gifts under Grannie's tree as a reward and thank you for stopping Polo and foiling his plans to ruin Christmas. Afterwards the players can wander around Grannie house once more.

Lab Ending: A Sneaky Entrance

The players think that going for the vent is a way better option than going through the entrance. From here they find a few items to climb up against to get to the vent. From here they spy on an animal control guard talking to a crazed scientist about the players not taking then entrance. The scientist then gets upset stating of not to be foiled by any pets. Already acknowledging the pets potentially using the vents as sneaker entrance, he activates the air conditioner which opens a door.

Roaming Through the Vents

The players then roam the building through the vents trying to find where Canela is to rescue her. Shortly after, the guard send in a device called Roborats to hunt and chase down the players, although the players manage to avoid the bots. Afterwards, they find the battlegrounds where the would initially battle Slicer in the Normal Ending. Slicer is then taken by the scientist to be put in his Plan B as Plan A didn't work out for him. However, the players then roam the vent even more until stumbling up on a secret laboratory, although the scientist managed to find them.

The Crazed Scientist's Plans

The scientist then sucks them out of the vents and is introduced as Dr. Flea. Dr. Flea then stated of working alone all these years to replace pets with cyborg versions of themselves and proceeded to introduce them to a cyborg version of Slicer named Roboslicer. Dr. Flea then flees the scene to leave Slicer to terminate the pets and turn them into cyborgs as well thus initiates a battle with them. After Slicer is defeated, the latter loses his upgrades and becomes heavily inured. The players then check if Slicer is okay, and he states of Dr. Flea planning something bigger and badder than his attack on the players. From here Slicer vowed that he acted evil, and thanks the players for saving him. Afterwards Slicer is taken back to the Adoption Center.

Lab Ending Aftermath

Once back at the center, Susie is shown healing Slicer after his long battle with the players stating of him being okay. Susie also notices that Slicer has reformed his personality and has grown bigger. (possibly due to Dr. Flea's experiment on him having side effect which caused him to grow bigger) Slicer then tells the players to still go after Dr. Flea as the evil scientist is still out there hunt down pets to turn them into cyborgs. Susie then surprises him with a new owner, Doug from Airplane 4: One Last Flight. Then the players can roam around the Adoption Center freely.

Sewer Ending: Teaming Up With Misty

The players decide to ignore the pigeon as there would be an effect if they goes chase after him. Canela then states that since the players don't want to go with her, she will do the task by herself. Like the Classic and Lab ending, Canela falls into the dump truck and the pigeon flies away. Misty observes this and knows that Canela is in trouble and alerts the players of what danger Canela could go through. She then goes outside with the players following her and calls her team, the Cat Gang. She informs the squad about her problem and they soon realize it too as if Canela is taken to the city dump, the rats will instantly get to her. They then lead the players to a manhole and the players themselves open it up to go to the sewers which is the rats' hideout and rescue Canela.

The Sewer Mission

Once in the sewers, they have to go through a maze before reaching the pipeway part of the sewers where the player spot Canela on a raft with Ratty and his gang who the latter is calling for help. Ratty also spots this and orders the rest of the rats to attack the players. The players manage to get across the sewers and defeat all of the rafts before spotting a nearby raft. They, along with the Cat Gang use it and drift across the rest of the pipeway and into a large room with a giant Crocodile.

Crocodile Clash

The crocodile, Croc notices the rest of the pets and invites them to meal time with him before initiating the battle. However, Croc fails to defeat the players and is knocked unconscious, during that time Canela is rescued and the group proceeds to retreat back to the neighborhood before Croc wakes up.

Sewer Ending Aftermath

Back infront of Grannie's house, they stated of the rescue mission being one big adventure and out of the player's heroism, they recruit them to their gang before Misty makes a remark on feeling a bit guilty about having to hurt Croc. Cut back to the sewers and Dr. Flea is shown there stating his hatred for the pets to Croc and will proceed to give the crocodile another chance to defeat the pets before cutting back to Grannie's House again.

Zoo Ending: The Request

Instead of walking to the park, the players instead talk to Shellie for directions back to Grannie's house. Shellie agrees to take them there, but on one condition, they must help her at Bloxy York Zoo as the Hyenas there are causing chaos. The players accept this and hop onto the bus to go travel to the zoo.

Zoo Trekking

The players and Canela then arrive at the Zoo and Shellie then directs them to go and find Pannie the elephant who informs then on the Hyenas about to attack a group of innocent turtles. She helps the players, after they pull a lever that frees her from her habitat, in which she then lets the players climb on her over to the monkey's habitat. From here the players go through a series of obstacles, including having to evade the monkeys in their habitat, while also having to jump over the water in the crocodile's habitat. They then make it to the hyenas ready to confront them. Canela then orders the hyenas to leave the turtles alone and the hyenas respond by engaging a fight with them. The hyenas are then defeated and the turtles are saved, in which they tell the players about their leader. If their leader is defeated, then they will surrender.

King of the Ring

The players then make it to the lion's cage ready to confront the hyenas' leader, Claw as well. Claw then proceeds to battle the players for interfering with his plans. However, he is also brought down and defeated in which he concedes and makes a remark about his brothers being disappointed in him,

Zoo Ending Aftermath

The players go back to the front of the zoo where the zoo animals are celebrating over Claw's defeat as he's imprisoned in a cage for his actions. Shellie then proceeds to drive the players back to Grannie's house.


The idea for a new story is first seen by Ponchokings in a "should I be working on a story again" tweet. Out of 410 votes, the majority (80%) voted in favor. The game “Pet Story”. It was announced on September 13 on Twitter and then Roblox. Ponchokings will announce that the game will be released before the end of the year before giving a date: November 27, 2021. The game will indeed be released in this date and the trailer will be released soon after. The game will be very successful with 11K active players on the game on January 24, 2022.


The first trailer is a 15 second YouTube Short and TikTok video of shown gameplay for the Classic Ending. The scenes include the player and Canela, going to Grannie's truck, the player defeating a roach then eating food afterwards, the player and Canela chasing after Pigeon, the word "BLOXY YORK," the player walking on a busy road, then the player running away from Slicer as the title shows up.

The second is a 30 second song sang by Canela (either possibly voiced by Pingukeilly or Ponchokings by changing the pitch of his voice using a program) about the wonders of the game encouraging the viewers to play it. The lyrics are as followed down below:

(Canela yawns)

Canela: It's a beautiful day (yay!)

Canela: And I'm looking for friends to play! (Woooo!)

Canela: Hey lady! I think I'm gonna be okay!

Canela: We are wearing different hats, got different pets...

Canela: On Pet Story! On Pet Story!

Canela: We are wearing different hats, got different pets...

Canela: All the treats we collect, because the adventure awaits...

Canela: On Pet Story! On Pet Story!

Canela: Available on Roblox right now!


  • Twittie can be unlocked by verfiying your Twitter account, and if you are following Ponchokings on Twitter.
  • Both Pigeon and Twittie's cry are Red's voice sound when he gets flung in Angry Birds games.
    • Although in the Lab Ending update, this was change to a crow's squawk due to potential copyright issues with Rovio.
  • This is the only story game where the Airplane Victory ending music isn't heard at all unlike the other previous story games.
  • The Pet Story logo is a reference to a classic Facebook game, Pet Society.
  • Pet Story has the largest cast of characters in any Ponchokings game, at 28 distinct characters.
  • On April Fools 2022, the game was changed to "Human Story" for a brief amount time. Players who joined on that day received the "Human" skin prior to the next day where it was reverted back.


  • For some servers, Pannie's AI (in the Zoo Ending) doesn't function correctly causing her to get stuck on the wall.
    • Canela AI at the Adoption Center can also not function correctly as well.