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Jack is the deuteragonist of Cruise and one of the two tritagonists (alongside Pilot Keilly) of Airplane 4: One Last Flight. Jack made his first appearance in Cruise, and later returned in Airplane 4. He is the one hosting the pool party, on Carnival Cruise and he is also seen in the lobby. In Airplane 4's lobby, Jack appears as a mural on the Rock Wall Obby alongside General Poncho, Ronald, Ronald Trump, Skeletox, and Polot Keilly.


Jack is a crew member and an attendant on board Carnival Cruise, a luxury cruise liner captained by Captain Edward Smith. Jack greets the players at the beginning of the game. After telling the players to explore the ship, Jack plays a game with the players, asking them to find and retrieve various items on the ship. He asks them to bring him a fork, a toilet roll and a golden ticket. After that game concludes the players play Dodgeball at Jack's suggestion. The winners of these games win 15 Cruise Bucks. At the end of the day Jack offers the players a free slice of pizza and tells them to buy food from the Buffet at any time.

Later in the night the Players see a pirate ship at the window, and subsequently the power goes off on the ship. The players encounter Jack in the corridor outside the Electricity Room. When the players tell Jack that they saw a ship at the window, he thinks they had a nightmare. He then asks the players to find the Yellow Keycard to the Electricity Room, which he lost in the Bathroom. After the players find the Keycard and reactivate the power on the ship, the players inform Jack about a strange message they saw graffitied on the wall. When they return the message has disappeared, and Jack

Jack seen in a skeleton costume during the Halloween event.

dismisses the player's claims as figments of their imagination.

The next morning the Players go to the Arcade Room to look for Jack, but find him mysteriously absent. Suddenly, the machines in the room stop and the players are attacked by Greenbeard, a ghost pirate, who demands his stolen Golden Necklace. The players subsequently tell Captain Smith about what transpired, only for him to somehow knock the players out saying "I'm sorry. I can't let you take it.". When the players work up they are in a jail cell with Jack in the adjoining cell. Jack says that he found a Golden Necklace in the Captain's Cabin. When the Captain saw Jack, he went berserk and knocked him out. Jack then gives the player a long stick he found in his cell, which they use to pick up the key to their cell which hangs on a rack nearby.

After finding a Blue Key to open Jack's cell the players encounter Greenbeard again, who chastises the players. Greenbeard then detonates the pipes, causing the ship to flood. Jack instructs the players to press four buttons to open the locked hatch in the Pipe Room. Jack tells the players to go to the Captain's Cabin and retrieve the Red Key which opens the door to the room where the Lifeboats are stored, while he stays below deck and controls the flooding.

If the players take the Red Key, Jack and the players go into the Lifeboat Room only to see Greenbeard again. After Greenbeard and his undead crew are defeated by the players, the players and Jack escape the sinking ship in a lifeboat, while Captain Smith presumably drowns.

If the players choose to take the Golden Necklace from Captain Smith, Jack accompanies the players to the ship's rudder where one player has a choice to throw the necklace in the water, which stops the ship from sinking, or keeping the Necklace for themselves and transforming into a being similar in appearance to Greenbeard.

Airplane 4: One Last Flight:

Jack makes a brief appearance in the Good Ending of Airplane 4: One Last Flight. He is seen in the room with Skeletox in in a cage suspended from the ceiling, along with Pilot Keilly and Ronald. After the players defeat Skeletox, Jack is rescued along with Keilly and Ronald, and is present on the stage while President Ronald congratulates the players.


Jack is kind and friendly, if ultimately oblivious to what is happening on the ship and his Captain's ulterior motives. Jack heaps praise repeatedly unto the players during the game, and apologizes when the players exit the corridor to investigate a power cut. Jack is dismissive of the player's worries, when they tell him they saw a ship at the window, he thinks they were having a bad dream, and when they tell him of the message on the bathroom wall, he thinks they imagined it.


  • Jack may be named after Jack Dawson, the protagonist of the 1997 film Titanic, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Jack along with General Poncho are the only characters to appear in a spin-off game and in the Airplane saga in-person.
    • With that said, Jack is also the first and only spin-off character to appear in the main series, just like how General Poncho is the first and only character from the Airplane series to make an appearance in a spin-off game, despite him being a secret Easter egg.
    • In Cruise's lobby, Jack ended his greet to the player and says "Bon voyage". It is a word used by someone to express wishes to someone to have a good voyage or journey. He also does the wave Emote from the chat command.