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No one knows I'm alive! If they find out it could be tragic!

General Poncho, Cruise

This article is about the Secret Ending in Cruise Story.

This may be the canon ending of Cruise Story.


A player must use the Green Keycard on the locked Room 100, revealing a shocked figure, who realizes that if others find out that he is alive, it would be tragic.


Later, during the first Endgame, after Captain Smith declares his intention of staying with the ship, the figure enters the cabin. After Smith asks who he is, he reveals he is Poncho, a former general of the Robloxia States Army. Initially, Smith does not believe him, as most believe Poncho died in a plane crash, prompting Poncho to explain that he was in hiding for others' safety.

After some thinking, Smith flees the scene, to the players' shock. Poncho calms the players down, telling them that there are worse things to worry about. The military airplane from Airplane 3 hovers above the cruise for saving the players. He then leads the players out behind the scenes, ending the story.


This badge depicts purple letters saying "SECRET ENDING", with General Poncho's dialogue icon in Cruise covered by it.