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Hunter is the deuteragonist of the Starblox Series.


Hunter is seemingly a military officer in the nation of The Great Constitution, one of the two main nations currently in Starblox. After unusual amounts of "dark energy" is detected on the planet Sorka, The Great Constitution sent Hunter along with The Players to investigate.

Hunter guides The Players throughout the entire game, stating the solutions to all of the obstacles The Players face. He instructs The Players how to use their sabers and blasters to defeat Baclones, to destroy obstacles and to solve puzzles.

After explaining the nature of the mission and how to use sabers to The Players, Hunter first leads The Players around the perimeter of the Dark Regiment's military base on Sorka, defeating three troops of Baclone guards along the way. Once they reach the entrance, The Players trip the security system and enter.

After sneaking past the Baclone patrols, Hunter and The Players overhear a Red Baclone officer talking to his soldiers about the Dark Regiment's plan to conquer the galaxy and destroy The Great Constitution. Hunter says this information must be reported to The Great Constitution, but first they must capture Captain Platino, the commanding officer of the Baclones.

Hunter then leads The Players through the sewers and into the interior of the base, where they fight more Baclones. When Hunter and The Players at last come face-to-face with Platino, Hunter orders Platino to surrender, but Platino refuses and runs into the next room. Hunter and The Players must then defeat more Baclones before giving chase to Platino.

Eventually, The Players under Hunter defeat Platino and what remains of his Baclone army. Hunter states to Platino that in the name of The Great Constitution, he is under arrest. Platino then offers information about the Dark Regiment, and The Players must vote either to listen to him or to arrest him without pause. If they choose the latter option, Hunter will say he will do no deals with Platino. Hunter then leads the prisoner Platino back to his ship, where Platino tells him he does not understand what he is dealing with. The game then ends.

If The Players choose the latter option, then Captain Platino will reveal he is under orders from the mysterious "Lord Enigma". After watching a holographic message from this Lord Enigma, Hunter finds that Platino has disappeared. The game then ends.


Hunter is generally calm and collected throughout the game, and rarely shows emotion. He always refers to The Players as "Rookies". Hunter is also helpful, instructing The Players on how to use their blasters and sabers and how to bypass obstacles. Hunter shows emotion once in the Bad Ending, where he is briefly show as panicked when he finds Platino has disappeared. However, he quickly regains his composure.


  • Hunter is based off of the Star Wars character "Han Solo", both in terms of appearance and manner of speech.
  • It is left unknown whether his actual name is "Hunter", or whether that is his title.