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Captain Greenbeard (commonly known as Greenbeard) is the main antagonist of Cruise, hunting for the Players to surrender the Golden Necklace before he sinks the ship.


Greenbeard's main personality traits are his avarice and his greed. He lusts obsessively over the Golden Necklace that Captain Smith stole from him, and would do anything to retrieve the necklace, including putting other lives at risk.

Greenbeard is also something of a hypocrite, in that he often calls The Players greedy and selfish for not returning his necklace, when he himself is greedy and obsessed with treasure, and there was no opportunity in which the players could have returned the necklace.


Greenbeard is the captain of a ghost pirate ship, the Darkpearl. Captain Smith, the captain of Carnival Cruise, stole a golden necklace, a piece of Greenbeard's cursed treasure.

Greenbeard first appeared in the Live Event of Cruise where his shadow appeared saying "MINEEEEEE! YOU ARE HIDING SOMETHING! NOW YOU WILL BE CURSED! ARE YOU READY FOR THE WORST VACATION OF YOUR LIFE?"

At night in the Staterooms players see Greenbeard's eerie pirate ship outside the window. Soon after the power goes out on the Cruise, and Greenbeard gets inside the ship. In the corridor the players see a shadow of Greenbeard. When the players go to the bathroom to find the keycard to the Electricity Room for Jack, a crew member on the Cruise, they see the message "Give it back", graffitied on the wall. When the players tell this to Jack, they return to the bathroom and find the message has disappeared. Greenbeard next appears the following morning, when the players go to the Arcade Room to meet Jack. Suddenly, all the machines turn off, and Greenbeard is seen standing in the doorway, where he tells the player to "Give it back". Greenbeard's Ghost Pirates then chase the players about for a time, before disappearing. Greenbeard tells the players to throw the golden necklace in the water, otherwise he will sink the cruise ship.

When the players tell Captain Smith about their encounter, Captain Smith somehow knocks the players out after the players notice a Golden Necklace around his neck. After the players and Jack escape the prison cell Captain Smith put them in, Greenbeard is seen hovering, where he taunts the players for being greedy. He then destroys the pipes, leading the ship to flood and sink. After escaping the flooded Pipe Room, Jack sends the players to the Captain's Cabin to retrieve the Red Key that opens the door to the room where the Lifeboats are stored. If the players choose to take the Red Key, they open the room where the Lifeboats are, to find Greenbeard in front of them. Greenbeard calls the players selfish, and then sends his ghost pirates to fight the players. When they fail, Greenbeard himself fights the players, until they defeat Greenbeard with crowbars. The players escape the sinking ship in a lifeboat, and presumably after Captain Smith is drowned.

If the players choose to take the Golden Necklace from Captain Smith, then Captain Smith fights the players until he is killed. A player can then choose to throw the Golden Necklace down the water. If that player throws the Necklace in the water, Greenbeard stops the flooding, and is content to let the player's live. The game then ends.


  • Greenbeard is based on the real life pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard.
  • His ship, the Darkpearl, is possibly based on The Flying Dutchman, a legendary ghost ship.
  • Greenbeard gets progressively larger in each of his appearances. On the 2nd floor and at the Arcade Greenbeard is about the size of an average player. In the Pipe Room Greenbeard is slightly larger than an average player. In the Lifeboat Room he is over twice as large as an average player.