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The Ghost Pirates are NPCs and major antagonists that appear in Cruise.


Ghost pirates appear during day 2; when the players are ordered by the game to play in the arcade before having dinner with the captain. After Captain Greenbeard tells the players to give back The Golden Necklace in the arcade he summons Ghost Pirates to attack the players.

The Players have 60 seconds to run away from The Ghost Pirates. Any player that touches a Ghost Pirate will take damage. The players can damage the Ghost Pirates by hitting them with a baseball bat or crowbar.

After 60 seconds, or if they are all defeated, the Ghost Pirates disappear and the players can get out of the arcade. The Ghost Pirates reappear in the Boiler Room and are summoned by Greenbeard.

The Players have to click 4 (or 5) buttons in the Boiler Room to unlock a door and escape while Ghost Pirates are around the area. Like in the arcade The Ghost Pirates will attack and chase the players.

The Ghost Pirates make their final appearance in the Bad Ending of Cruise. After retrieving the Red Key to the Lifeboat Room, the players and Jack attempt to escape the sinking Carnival Cruise. The players are blocked in their path by Greenbeard and the Ghost Pirates. Greenbeard then sends three Ghost Pirates to fight the players. After 60 seconds, or if all of them are defeated, the ghost pirates will disappear, and Greenbeard himself will fight the players.


Green and black pirate outfits with a black horned skull-mask that belongs to an animal


  • They only attack and chase a player if they are on ground floor.
  • In order to avoid them, climb up the ticket machine at the left corner side of the room.


At day 2 of cruise when the players are in the arcade Greenbeard summons 4 Ghost pirates and they are attackable.

The night when the ship sinks there will be 5 of them when you need to press the buttons.

Or in the final battle against Greenbeard he summons 3 of them, When all defeated Greenbeard will attack which he will have 3x the number of health as the ghost pirate minions.