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Not to be confused with the developer, Ponchokings.

Poncho, known in Airplane 3 and Airplane 4 under the title General Poncho, is a supporting character in the Airplane series, serving as the deuteragonist of Airplane 3, a cameo character in Cruise, and one of the three deuteragonists (alongside Ronald and Doug) of Airplane 4: One Last Flight.


Poncho's body shape and hair is that of a male bacon hair. He has gray skin with a red scar on his left cheek.

In Airplane 3, General Poncho wears a long dark yellow-green button-down jacket with four pockets and a collar over a light brown military uniform and brown pants. He also wears sunglasses and a pilot's cap that covers his hair.

In Cruise, Poncho retains the sunglasses and wears a loose fitting orange Hawaiian flower shirt and black shorts.

Airplane 3

In Airplane 3, General Poncho is one of the generals of Robloxia States Army. He is a side protagonist, working with the players to rescue the Passengers and Captain aboard a Hijacked Plane, as well as to apprehend Ronald, the hijacker. Once the outcome of the Endgame is determined, General Poncho will either attempt to save Ronald and Captain Joe (Good Ending) or leave with the players (Bad Ending).

In the latter case, General Poncho meets up with fellow General Alex and debriefs him on the mission, not knowing of the dead Ronald's revival.

In the former case, General Poncho has presumably died saving Captain Joe (while Ronald died of a heart attack), as said by General Alex.


However, as revealed in Cruise, Poncho actually survived the mission, and has stowed away on the Carnival Cruise inside the locked Room 100.

If a player manages to find the Green Keycard, they may unlock the room, to the surprise and horror of Poncho.

Later, during the first Endgame, after Captain Smith declares his intention of staying with the ship, Poncho enters, to the horror of the captain. Thinking something else could happen, Smith leaves, and Poncho leads the players out.

Airplane 4: One Last Flight

He reappears in Airplane 4 after the Baggage Conveyor Belt Challenge, introducing himself to the players. He later leads the players to the cave, where they met Ronald. Despite Ronald’s actions to defeat Skeletox, he still doesn’t trust him. After arriving in the cave, a group of infected citizens come to attack them, starting the Maze Challenge. After finishing the challenge, they found a shrine where Skeletox was summoned. They later fell into the Boss Battle arena, where they saw Ronald, Keilly, and Jack locked in cages. Ronald regrets what he had done and tells them to get out as the place is a trap. Before they escape, Skeletox appeared, starting the battle. After Skeletox is defeated they free the prisoners and come to celebrate. During the celebration General Poncho was not there. Ronald said wherever he went, Poncho is out there to save the world.



  • General Poncho is named after the Airplane series' developer, Ponchokings.
  • Similarly to Captain Joe, Poncho's status depends on which ending is achieved in Airplane 3.
  • You can push General Poncho off the motor on the top of the plane during the Lightning Challenge, although he will not die and just teleport back once the challenge is over.
  • During the flight in the Green Propeller Plane if players zoom their camera into the cockpit they can see General Poncho standing in the cockpit, though General Poncho is sitting down in the plane at the same time. When Poncho goes onto the roof the General Poncho in the cockpit is no longer there. This is likely just a mistake Ponchokings didn't notice.
  • If you look in Ponchokings inventory, General Poncho in Cruise is called "beach_guy". He is named like that in Cruise mostly to avoid spoilers for the Secret Ending.
  • Airplane 3's artwork, made by ZebraRBLX, depicts General Poncho being flesh skinned unstead of gray skinned, it may be an error, it may be Zebra's depiction of the character, or it may be it is a prototype design.
  • He has his own Twitter account. It can be found right here.