Roblox Airplane Story Wiki
Roblox Airplane Story Wiki

The following is a list of gamepasses available in Airplane, Airplane 2, Airplane 3, Airplane 4, Castle, Cruise, Pet Story, Starblox, Intruder, Age Simulator,Hello Penguin, and Platform Madness. (Super Size Obby isn't included here due to it having any gamepasses)

Airplane Saga


Name Effect Cost in Robux Icon
Panda Plushie Gives the owner a Panda Plushie item every game, that slowly regenerates health when equipped. 50

Panda Plushie (Airplane)

First Aid Gives the owner a First Aid kit gamepass item every game, which, when consumed, fully heals the owner 250

First Aid (Airplane)

Life Vest Doubles the owner's max HP 200

Life Vest (Airplane)

Anti-Snake Spray Snakes are unable to target the owner. 100

Anti-Snake Spray (Airplane)

Energy Drink Significantly increases owner's speed. 150

Energy Drink (Airplane)

Be the Monster! Allows owner to activate the Monster Challenge, and take the role of The Monster when they do so. Pass also activates in Airplane 2. 500

Be The Monster (Airplane)

First Class Gives the owner the following:

-A seat in one of the first four rows, each composed of 6 seats as opposed to the usual 9

-A golden Flight Ticket

-A Lobster that heals 100 hp that replaces the Sandwich

-A badge when playing with the gamepass for the first time


First Class (Airplane)

Airplane 2

Name Effect Cost in Robux Icon
Slurpee Gives the owner a Slurpee item every game, which heals the user be 5 hp every use 50

Slurpee (Airplane 2)

Running Shoes Owner moves twice as fast, and has a unique trail 150

Running Shoes (Airplane 2)

Golden Apple Gives the owner a Golden Apple that, when consumed, fully restores the player's health 100

Golden Apple (Airplane 2)

Fire Mask Doubles the owner's hp 200

Fire Mask (Airplane 2)

Master Chef Doubles the owner's chance of being selected to participate in the Chef Challenge 250

Master Chef (Airplane 2)

Be the Monster 2! Allows owner to activate the Monster Challenge, and take the role of The Monster when they do so. 500

Be The Monster (Airplane 2)

Pilot Radio Gives the owner a Pilot Radio item that allows them to broadcast a message to the rest of the server 300

lot Radio (Airplane 2)

Airplane 3

Name Effect Cost in Robux Icon
Infinite Lives Gamepass Owner respawns automatically if they are killed. 500
Be the monster Doubles owner's HP when activated, as well as increasing their size and turning their skin black with red eyes.

If the owner reaches the end as the monster, the Monster Ending is initiated.

VIP Gives the owner the following:
  • Exclusive Title
  • VIP chat tag
  • 2 exclusive outfits
Chocolate Bar Gives the owner a Chocolate Bar item every game, which heals the owner by 5 HP every use (Cooldown 5 seconds) 50
Boots Boosts owner's speed 150

Airplane 4

Name Effect Cost In Robux Icon
Ronald Sword Grants you a x2 damage boost with the sword 50
Skeleton Gravity Coil Lets you jump higher 100
Medkit Grants you back to full health once per game 150
Extra Energy Gives you a health boost 350
Infinite Revives Lets you respawn infinitely after you die 500
VIP Gives you a VIP chat tag, title, and golden tag 150
Be the MONSTER Lets you play as Skeletox in either the game or lobby 600

Spin-offs/Other Story Games


Name Effect Cost in Robux Icon
Fairy Pet A Fairy pet follows the owner around. It produces light and heals the owner every 5 seconds. 250

Fairy Pet (Castle)

Fairy Wings Boosts the owner's jump power and speed. 400

Fairy Wings (Castle)

Double Health Shield Doubles the owner's health 200

Double Health Shield (Castle)

Full Health Potion Gives the owner a potion every game that, when consumed, fully restores the owner's hp 150

Full Health Potion (Castle)

Anti-Spider Mask Owner is unable to take damage from the Spiders in the Maze Challenge 50

Anti-Spider Mask (Castle)

Infinite Lives Owner automatically respawns if they are killed 500

Infinite Lives (Castle)

Fire Proof Halves the damage taken during the Jump Rope Challenge 100

Fire Proof (Castle)


Name Effect Cost In Robux Icon
Water Gun Lets you deal damage from a distance against enemies or bosses 250
Flashlight Lets you see in dark locations 50
Giant Cookie Gives you +5 health when eaten. Has a total of 10 bites before its gone. 150
Infinite Lives Grants unlimited lives when you die. 500
Be The Ghost Pirate! Lets you play as Captain Greenbeard 600
Extra Health Grants you +50 more healthpoints 350
Extra Cash Lets you keep all the cash you collected in previous rounds 200

Starblox Stories

Name Effect Cost In Robux Icon
Double Coins Grants you double the amount of coins every round 199
Double Saber Grants the ability to deal double damage to enemies and obstacles 699
VIP Gives you the following below:
  • 300 Coins
  • VIP Pet
  • VIP Saber
  • VIP Chat Tag
Infinite Lives Grants you the ability to respawn again after you die with an unlimited use 799
Starter Kit Gives you the following below:
  • Starter Saber
  • 300 Coins

Pet Story

Name Effect Cost In Robux Icon
Double Treats! Grants the user twice as many treats when collected 250
Double Healing Heals the user twice as much when they eat from a double pet bowl 200
Exotic Pass! Unlocks the following Pets below:
  • Axolotly The Axolotl
  • Macaw The Parrot
  • Panda
  • Arctic The Arctic Fox

And the following accessories below:

  • "Deal With It" Shades
  • "SUS" hat
  • Green Antennas
  • "Heart" Head Accessory

As of the Mystery Boxes Update, this gamepass now allows users to buy Exotic Boxes from the Mystery Boxes Shop.

Triple Boxes! Allows the user to open three boxes at once 800
Legendary Luck! Increases the chance of getting rarer Pets and Accessories 750
Auto Unboxing! Opens boxes while the user is AFK 150

Non-Story Games


Name Effect Cost In Robux Icon
x2 Intruder Chance Doubles the chance of being the intruder 150
x2 Coins Doubles the coins you collect 300

Age Simulator

Name Effect Cost In Robux Icon
2x EXP Doubles your EXP 50
4x EXP Multiplies your EXP by 4 100
6x EXP Multiplies your EXP by 6 200
x2 Age Speed Doubles your aging process 250
Freeze Age Freezes your age 150
8x EXP Multiplies your EXP by 8 500

Hello Penguin

Name Effect Cost In Robux Icon
Member Gives you the following below:
  • 300 Coins
  • Member Chat Tag
  • Limited Star Donut
  • Member Exclusive Content
Colors Gives you access to Free color changing in the Skin & Hairstyles Shop, and exclusive colors 99
x2 Coins Gives you double the amount of coins everytime you play Hello Penguin 149

Platform Madness

Name Effect Cost Image
Double Tokens Gives you double the amount of coins after a round ends 600