Roblox Airplane Story Wiki

The First Class gamepass is a gamepass in Airplane. As its name suggests, the owner is assigned to sit in one of the front four rows, the plane's best seats, along with some other changes. It has no counterparts in other games


  1. The owner, instead of being assigned to one of the 5-14 row seats, each with 9 seats per row and skipping the letter E in the naming, is placed in one of the 1-4 row seats, with 6 seats per row, and not skipping any letters. This makes finding the seat slightly easier.
  2. The owner's Flight Ticket is golden in color. This is simply an aesthetic difference.
  3. When the Crew appear to deliver the sandwiches, First Class passengers are instead given a Lobster, which heals 100 HP, a massive improvement over the sandwich's 25 HP.
  4. When playing a game for the first time after purchasing the gamepass, the owner obtains the A person of wealth! badge.