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Dr. Flea (also known as the Crazy Goggles Guy) is the main antagonist of Pet Story. His true intention in the series was to kidnap pets and turn them into cyborgs/mechs as Robopets in order to take over the world. He serves as the main antagonist of the Lab Ending and Aquarium Ending, (presumed) the background overarching antagonist of the Classic Ending and Zoo Ending, the overarching antagonist of the Sewer Ending, and the unseen overarching antagonist of the Christmas Ending.


Much like Skeletox, Dr Flea is incredibly cruel, manipulative, and heartless being on the higher rankings for being the most evil character in Ponchokings' games. He only seeing pets as a tool that he can use towards his goals and not even thinking what crimes his behavior can put him through.

Dr. Flea is also quite clever, being able to think about the pets not using the entrance to save their friend and battle a normal Slicer, and is able to predict them using the vents to rescue her and even sees them on a couple of occasions and doesn't hesitate to have his employees bring out his Roborats to terminate them.

For his intentions he is willing to go to great lengths, by even breaking into an aquarium to cause trouble for pets and people.

Because of his persona and actions, Dr. Flea has no redeeming qualities.


Dr. Flea shares some inspirations from Dr. Goggles, having the same face and goggle he dons. He wears a black suit and has bolted hair with orange marks on them.

Pet Story

Dr. Flea first appears and debuts in the Lab Ending, if the player uses the vents, they will see an animal control guard talking to him about not being able to find the pets as they did not go through the entrance. This causes Flea to initiate Plan B and activate the air conditioners in the vent. In the battle arena where Slicer is, Flea brings him to his laboratory due to him failing to attract the pets to his location. In his laboratory, Flea encounters the pets face to face and decides to initiate his newest plan yet, bring out a mechanic Slicer, known as Roboslicer as a statement that Robopets will replace normal pets forever. Afterwards, Flea escape to leave Slicer to eliminate the pets, although this fails as Slicer is defeated and his upgrades dissemble leaving him in heavy amounts of pain. Flea is not seen in the ending and Slicer mentions him potentially being at large for capturing other innocent pets.

In the Sewer Ending, he is seen planning to turn Croc into a Robopet after the crocodile fails to defeat the pets.

In the Normal Ending, Dr. Flea is not seen, although when Grannie arrives at the shelter and calls the Police on Animal Control, its likely that Dr. Flea either was arrested along with Animal Control or escaped.

Criminal Record

  • Leading a Criminal Organization
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Abduction
  • Trespassing


  • Ponchokings made a typo saying "googles" instead of "goggles."
  • Dr. Flea is named after a flea, a type of bug that lives on animals' hair.
  • When the Sewer Ending Update first launched a camera glitch occurred when during the ending sequence for the Sewer Ending activated, the caused the camera being too slow and can't move fast to the sewer in time and thus Flea was not physically seen.
    • This was fixed later and it cuts to the sewer in time causing Flea to become seen again.