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Doug, called "Dad" in the script, is one of the three deuteragonists (alongside General Poncho and Ronald) of Airplane 4: One Last Flight and a cameo character in Pet Story.

Airplane 4

The game starts with Doug waking up the players and reminding them of the flight they are catching to the Ro-Hamas. He then tells the players to pack while he cooks burgers in the backyard, or be left behind. After the players pack, they go into the backyard, and each player sitting down is given one burger, one of which is moldy and deteriorates the health of those who eat it.

After the players and Dad listen to a news announcement on the radio, Dad realizes they are late for the flight, and will not make it to the airport on foot in time. After beating his children, he subsequently puts them in danger by making them fly planes they have no clue how to fly, allowing them to crash into all of the obstacles they please.

The players use the planes to fly over a shortcut to the airport, but when they land Doug reveals that taking the shortcut is illegal, and hopes they were not sighted. The players and Doug then go through the airport, get a ticket, and go through a metal detector. However, the players are stopped when Doug's "weapons" are detected. The players and Doug are then detained by Security Guards due to the fact that they saw them flying through a restricted area. The guards then leave the room to ready the paperwork.

Dad then watches his flight take off without him, before Skeletox appears, and taunts the players. The Security Guards then return as monsters, and fight the players, who after defeating them, escape. However, Dad is infected with Skeletox's curse, and tells the players to go without him.

He is seen again in the Airplane 4 Good Ending reuniting with Pilot Keilly, revealing that Keilly is the players’ mother. Keilly at this point calls "Dad" as "Doug", revealing his name.

Doug is seen in the Pet Story Lab Ending where he adopts Slicer.


He seems to be a questionable father as he feeds his kids moldy burgers, makes them fly airplanes without guidance, and instructs them to fly over a restricted area which he knows is illegal. He does, however, have some redeeming qualities, as he supports his children as they escape from the airport, and greets them at the end of the game after they defeat Skeletox. He is also a good pilot who enjoys making jokes.


Doug has ginger hair and a thick beard. He wears neutral colored clothing, including a brown jacket and brown pants. He wears his aviator hat and goggles atop his head at all times.


  • Due to his outfit, ability to build aircraft, and being seen carrying weapons, his occupation is most likely a former military pilot.
  • He may be a reference to the ROBLOX Youtuber, SuperDogTyler, it may be because of:
    • His pilot outfit,
    • his name.
    • And also, SuperDogTyler is also one of Ponchokings friends on ROBLOX.