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Crystal Ball, Castle


The Crystal Ball is simply a pink translucent floating orb with a face on it.


After entering her room, the Crystal Ball shows surprise at the players being in the area. Then, she quickly captures Diana in a cage.

The players protested, but the Ball responded by instructing them to answer her riddles to continue.

She then continues to curse players, requiring them to answer riddles to lift the curse.

Afterwards, realizing the players intellect, allows the players through.


The Ball will curse a random player, and instruct the players to chat the answer to the riddle to lift the curse.

The players will have 60 seconds to chat the answer as one word, or else the cursed player would presumably die.

List of riddles:

I am small shiny and bg=ig what am i
Riddles are: Answer
Feed me and I live, yet give me water and I die. fire
What is easy to get into, but hard to get out of? trouble
What invention lets you look right through a wall! window
I'm round, small, and shiny. If you have enough of me you can exchange me for stuff.(added in update) coin
I'm round, transparent, and can float.(added in update) bubble


Shortly after release, Ponchokings announced, along with other nerfs to castle, that new riddles would be added to the ball's challenge, and the timer increased.