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Cruise is the second spin-off game of the Airplane series, after Castle. It was released on June 12, 2020, at 7 PM UTC.




  • Ghost (If player activates gamepass)


Please note: The following sections contain SPOILERS!

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Day 1

The players are greeted in the pool by the crew boy Jack. After welcoming the players onboard, Jack suggests the players explore the cruise ship. Cruise Bucks are scattered around the cruise for players to spend on Buffet items.

After some time, Jack calls the players back to the cruise and starts a Scavenger Hunt around the cruise. After three rounds of this, he starts a game of Dodgeball.

Night 1

After the game of dodgeball, it became night time. Jack instructs the players to go to the Buffet for a free slice of Pizza, then has to go to the Staterooms and sleep, instructing the players to go there too.

In the middle of the night, the players, unable to sleep, discuss how they all got free tickets, and were suspecting something wrong with the deal. Suddenly, a ghost pirate ship rises out of the water, to the players' horror. The cruise's electricity then goes out, prompting the players to go outside for assistance.

Jack in the halls near the Electricity Room. After conversing with the players, he asks them to find the Keycard the unlocks the room, located in the Bathroom. After finding it, he opens to the door, and the players take on the Electricity Challenge.

Once the power is back on, the player attempt to alert Jack to some graffiti on the bathroom walls, but it had disappeared by then. Jack then has the players go back to sleep, reminding them of the upcoming Dinner with the Captain.

Day 2

The players wake up after the power montage. After getting dressed for the dinner, the players go to the Arcade to look for Jack. To their confusion, he has yet to arrive, so they decide to use the arcade machines to pass the time; 10 Tickets from the machines allow a player to obtain a Baseball Bat.

Suddenly, the machines start glitching and the lights go off once again. Outside the door is the pirate Green beard, who yells, "I SAID GIVE IT BACK!" before summoning Ghost Pirates to attack the players, initiating the Battle Challenge. After some time, the Ghost Pirates are recalled, and Green beard gives one last warning to surrender a Golden Necklace before he sinks the Cruise.

The confused players head to the Dining Room for dinner. The Captain introduces himself as Edward Smith and explains Jack could not attend because he was sick. He then allows the players to grab and eat some Roast Chicken, which the players find out is poisoned.

After informing Smith about Green beard and his looking for a Golden Necklace, they notice one around his neck, but he refuses to surrender it. The players are knocked unconscious.

Night 2

When the players come to, they are locked in a Jail cell. Jack is in an adjacent cell, explaining he found the necklace in the Captain's Cabin, only for Smith to notice and lock him in jail. He then gives the players a Stick to reach the Yellow Key to their cell. After opening the cell door, the players find the Blue Key to bust Jack out. (Behind one of the objects there is a Green Keycard, which is used for the Secret Ending)

The party then leaves the Jail, entering the Pipe Room. Green beard is standing inside. After telling them to regret their greed, he causes an explosion, causing water to leak out and start sinking the ship, as well as locking the players in, forcing them to complete the Hydraulics Escape Challenge.

The player exits the Pipe Room and enter a room containing security camera monitors and technical controls. Jack stays behind to control the flooding and instructs the players to fetch the Red Key from Smith to unlock the Lifeboats.

The players then head up to the Captain's Cabin. Smith allows the players to take the Red Key if only to allow him to stay with the sinking ship. The players must vote on the outcome of the first Endgame to either take the Red Key or the Golden Necklace. If the player unlocked cabin 100 using the Green Keycard, it will initiate the Secret Ending.

If they take the Red Key, the players then unlock the Lifeboats, only for Green beard to appear and initiate the Final Battle Challenge, before the players may achieve the Bad Ending.

If they take the Golden Necklace, the Smith chooses to fight the players to death to keep it. After being killed, a player then grabs the necklace, and the group heads to the rudder. The player must then decide the outcome of the second Endgame, between either the Good Ending or the Evil Ending.

Game passes

Main Article: Game passes

Name Effect Cost in Robux Icon
Water Gun Gives the buyer a Water Gun that can be used as a rapid-fire ranged weapon. 250
Flashlight Gives the buyer a Flashlight that allows them to see better at night. 50
Giant Cookie Gives the buyer a Giant Cookie, which has 10 "bites" that can be used to heal 5 HP each. 150
Infinite Lives Buyer respawns automatically if they die. 500
Be the Ghost Pirate! Allows the buyer to become a Ghost Pirate version of themselves. 600
Extra Health Gives the buyer 50 extra HP 350
Extra Cash Any of the buyer's leftover Cruise Bucks carries over to their next game. 200


On March 10. 2020, Ponchokings posted a tweet on his Twitter, showing a corner of a room. He put it as a preview of a new game, which, while not giving much info, confirmed something was in the works.

Then, on March 18, Ponchokings showed a clip of the Carnival Cruise, the main setting of the game. Then, on March 25, he showed himself in the Carnival's Pool.

On March 27, a day after creating a place related to the game, Ponchokings revealed the thumbnail and name and responded to a question by stating that the game will be released in 2020, hopefully around summer. Then, on April 2, Ponchokings released a video showing new transitions for Cruise, in the process revealing a money system that would later be named Cruise Bucks.

Then, on April 7, Ponchokings released a trailer video, showing off many of the cruise's rooms, as well as a nighttime scene providing a glimpse at a supernatural force. In the description, he narrowed down the release date to summer 2020.

The next day, Ponchokings released a good morning picture on his Instagram, in the process revealing Pizza as an item and a new dialogue interface, as well as the name of Jack. Then, on April 10, Ponchokings showed a picture of the Bloxy Carnival in nighttime. Then, the next day, he put out a poll asking about a live release, to which the overwhelming majority replied yes. Additionally, he revealed a thumbnail made by ZebraRBLX and confirmed a summer 2020 release.

Then, on April 19, Ponchokings posted pictures of four formal outfits in the game for the Captain's Dinner. Next, on April 22-23, he put up some screenshots of the Arcade. Then on April 27, Ponchokings posted himself in the Carnival's Jail. He expanded on this on the 28th, with him attempting to grab a key using a wooden pole.

Next, on May 4, Ponchokings posted a side view of the Carnival Cruise, revealing most of the layout, with the Pool and Buffet on the top deck, the Staterooms on the deck below it, the Captain's Dinner, Shops, and Arcade on the floor below it, the Lifeboats below them, and the Jail below those.

On May 6, Ponchokings states he was close to done with the main story, and other extras. Then, in a shout on his group on May 9, he narrowed the release date to June.

On May 11, Ponchokings posted a bar at 80%, presumably his rough progress. Then, of May 13, he posted a picture of a waterslide he added as an extra.

Then, on May 15, Ponchokings stated he is wrapping up development, and 2 hours later, he posted the release date: June 12, 2020, along with the message, "The sea is not the only one hiding secrets." Then, on May 16, another place related to Cruise was created, also revealing the game's first four badges, obtained by achieving the three endings and playing the game.

On May 18, the new place was given two gamepasses, the Water Gun and the Flashlight. The next day, the Giant Cookie, Infinite Lives, and Be the Ghost gamepasses were added.

On May 20, Ponchokings posted a picture of him the Buffet, with the Dog peering into the camera. Then, on May 22, he showed the makeup feature in a clip of him applying "lipstick" on his avatar.

On May 26, Ponchokings confirmed a live release event for Cruise. Around the same date, he also changed the original place he created to host the event. He explained the next day that the events long. Then he posted a picture of him wearing his Cruise shirt. On June 5, he added Extra Health and Extra Cash gamepasses.

Then, at 7 PM UTC on June 11, 2020, exactly 24 hours before the Live Event, the Live Event place opened. Additionally, two more badges were added to the main game the same day, Fish Food and Cash Collector.

Finally, at 7 PM UTC on June 12, 2020, the Live Event took place, and the game officially opened.