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Croc is a character in Pet Story which he serves the role as the main antagonist of the Sewer Ending.


Croc, as his name suggests is a giant green crocodile.


Croc is shown to be a glutton, willing to eat a dose amount of food not caring of what the food is. In fact, his only goal to achieve is to get more food, making him extremely greedy for it as even showing to get Ratty and his family to go out and hunt for pets to eat or what not.

Despite his gluttony and antagonistic personality, he is also shown to be polite as he invited the players to chow down with him despite having their friend in there, although this could be sarcastic as well.

Pet Story

He appears at the end as the boss for the Sewers Ending path. When the players enter to rescue Canela, Croc sees the players and views them as visitors before stating that they could join for meal time before attacking them. After a while, he is defeated and knocked unconscious. Misty then presumes that Croc is dead when is actually knocked out. Sometime later, Dr. Flea enters and plans to use Croc as a Robopet giving him a second chance to kill the pets.


  • "Do I smell new visitors?"
  • "Don't be shy, join us in the meal time!"
  • "Food is supposed to not fight back!!"


  • Crocodile Crossing - Like Slicer's charge, Croc charges at the players in the same fashion, but can also stop midway.
  • Twirl n' Swirl - Croc will go to one of the walls hurting any players who are in the way before spinning to the other side. He does this repeatedly for approximately ten times.
  • Body Slam - Croc will belly slam into the ground of the battlefield and will try to crush any player to make them lose health. The slams also create shockwaves that must either be evaded far enough or jumped over, otherwise if touch on contact, the player will lose 10 health.


  • Croc's model would later be used for the crocodiles at the zoo in the Zoo Ending.