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Claw is a character in Pet Story and also serves the role as the main antagonist of the Zoo Ending.


Claw is a lion that has pinkish-tan skin, pitch-black fur, red eyes, and a scar on his right eye.

Pet Story

Claw is first mentioned by Shellie of stirring up trouble at the Bloxy York Zoo when the player and Canela escape the city dump and requests the latter to help take him out as an exchange for getting back to Grannie's House. Claw also orders his Hyena henchmen to eat the other turtles, however his minions are defeated and the player and Canela make it to his habitat and confront him, thus engaging a battle with him. After attacking him three time, he concedes and laments that his brothers would be ashamed of him for losing. In the ending cutscene, he is imprisoned for his actions.


  • Unhappy Howls - Likewise with Slicer and Roboslicer, Claw goes around the battlefield and howls continually damaging anyone who gets hit by it. Every phase, his howls will come out quicker.
  • Laser Cutting - Several lasers around the battlefield flash red for a few seconds before zapping anyone who's in the laser at the time. In the first two phases, the lasers cut in a straight line. In the third phase, the lasers cut in a diamond shape.
  • Body Slam - Claw will body slam himself onto the players dealing damage to those who are caught. A few dashed lines will appear on the ground indicating of which player and where he is going to jump.
  • Lion's Stroll - During the duration of the battle, Claw will constantly move and lock onto any player closest to him and deals damage for anybody that touches him.


  • Claw is obviously based off from Scar, the main villain/antagonist of the Lion King franchise. The following similarities are provided down below:
    • Both lions lead hyena henchmen
    • Both have a scar on their face.
    • They both have a four letter name that have the letters "C" and "A" in.
    • Both have a black mane.
    • Both have brothers, Scar is the younger brother of Mufasa, while Claw only indirectly mentions his.