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This page contains spoilers for the page, Castle. Please feel free to play the game first before viewing this.

Castle is the first spin-off game of the Airplane series released. It tells a story of a group of royals attempting to escape a castle they are locked in.


As noted by Ponchokings, Castle is noticeably harder than Airplane and Airplane 2.

Indeed, the game focuses less on the plotline and more on difficult challenges, being almost one after the other.






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The story starts with the players in Princess Diana's room. Diana say that today she becomes 18, and her parents told her she would be free by then. Then, she decides to take matters into their own hands and attempt to escape the castle themselves. Diana then points to a key on the chandelier, and the players must then use her bed to jump up to the chandelier to grab the key and open the door.

The group then enters a hallway, and they must use a series of levers to open different rooms, while Diana starts remarking about each. The series culminates in a red door to the next section of the castle being opened. The party heads through, and then the door shut, forcing the group to complete the Maze Challenge to survive.

The players must then cross a bridge to get across a small pit, but the bridge collapses, Diana then points to a lever on the other side that can activate a replacement bridge. The player jump across the chandeliers and pull the lever, then enter the next room. Then they meet Crystal Ball, shocked and angered at their presence. Diana is caged, and the ball initiates her challenge.

The players then enter a library. The floor shortly afterwards collapses, leaving the players on a grate and starting the Flying Book Challenge. In the next room, a group of Ghosties, excited about having guests, decide to play with them and initiate the Jump Rope Challenge.

After the Ghosties leave, the players find Diana suspended in her cage attached to the ceiling of the next room. Diana asks the players to pull the lever and free her, starting the Cursed Gold Challenge.

After being freed, the player enter the next room, revealing a giant animated suit of armor, who starts the penultimate challenge, the Knight Says Challenge

After the test, the knight allows the players to the next room, the entrance of the castle, guarded by the Dragon. Fortunately, it is sleeping, allowing enough time for one player to grab the Sword on the floor before the Dragon wakes up. The player must then decide the outcome of the Endgame.


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  • Ghosties appear as modified Boos from the Super Mario series.
    • Along with that, King Boo makes a cameo as a painting on the ceiling of the Ghosties' room.


King Boo in a Picture