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Captain Edward Smith is a major character and the mislead secondary antagonist in Cruise. He pilots the Carnival Cruise, and the Golden Necklace in his possession is a focal part of the story.


During the Cruise Live Event, Captain Smith stood aboard the Carnival Cruise as it pulled into the harbor. After it docked, he gave everyone watching a free ticket.

During the game proper, Smith first appears to host the Dinner. He gives them some Roast Chicken and explains Jack was sick. The players then try to inform him of Greenbeard, who has recently been haunting the ship, and then realize Smith is wearing the Golden Necklace Greenbeard is looking for. Upon realizing this, he somehow knocks the players unconscious and placed them in the cruise's Jail.

Later, the players head to the Captain's Cabin to retrieve the Red Key. The Captain agrees so long as he could stay with the ship. However, the players may decide to take the Golden Necklace instead, in which case he fights them to keep it.

Additionally, if the player noticed Poncho in his room, Poncho will show up and reveal himself. Upon the Captain realizing Poncho's true fate, he flees the scene.


Smith's main personality trait is his willingness to go to any measures to keep the Golden Necklace, as shown by him locking the players (and presumably Jack) in jail just for noticing it, choosing to die along with the cruise if only to keep the necklace, and even forcing the players to fight him to death for the necklace if they choose to.