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Captain Joe was the pilot of the Airplane hijacked in Airplane 3. He was kidnapped and held hostage along with all the passengers of the plane by Ronald. The Robloxia States Army sent a team of soldiers led by General Poncho to rescue Captain Joe and the passengers, of which the players are part of.

After rescuing all the passengers of the plane, the players try to negotiate with Ronald. If the players tell Ronald he is going to jail then the cockpit will become engulfed with flames and General Poncho and the players parachute out of the plane, leaving Captain Joe and Ronald to die.

If the players are nice to Ronald and ask him what is wrong, Ronald is convinced by the players he can be a good person, and he is about to release Captain Joe when he suffers a fatal heart attack. While the players parachute out of the plane, General Poncho stays behind and rescues Captain Joe, who meets the players at the Landing Pad. However General Poncho presumably perishes in the plane's explosion, while Ronald died of his heart attack.


  • His daughter Keilly is the pilot in Airplane 2 and appears in all endings except the Monster Ending.
  • He was the last person to escape the plane in the Good Ending.
  • His status depends on the player who talks to Ronald.
  • He is the only one saved by General Poncho.
  • He does not speak unless you get the Good Ending and if you get the Good Ending, he says "I did! Thanks for saving my life!".
  • His name is also similar to a YouTuber called "Captain Joe" (Joe Diebolder in real life).