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Your attention passengers; I have good news and bad news. The good news is the power is back up. The bad news is that we are losing a significant amount of oxygen!

The Captain, Airplane

Not to be confused with Captain Joe in Airplane 3 or Captain Smith in Cruise.

The unnamed Captain is a minor character in Airplane. As his name implies, he is the captain of the game's airplane.


The captain's main role is to speak to the players via the PA in the early game and give them tips.

The captain is first heard over the PA, welcoming the players onto the airplane, and assuring them the plane is functioning normally. He then suggests the players look around the cabin for a few seconds before instructing them to find their seats in preparation for turbulence.

Afterward, he informs the players about the incoming meal, and after the brief allergy case, he sends out another PA to suggest the players take a nap.

After transitioning to nighttime, the Captain reminds the players to stretch their legs and note that there is still time left in the flight. After the power comes out, he promises the crew will fix the power and leaves the intercom temporarily.

After the odd snake events, he informs the players that the cabin pressure is falling, and deploys the oxygen masks. He then assures them the mask will keep then safe from further harm, but this is proven false when the power goes out again initiating the Bomb Challenge.

The Captain is not heard again after the oxygen crisis, and the players soon find out the monster had knocked him out prior to the Autopilot Challenge in an attempt to crash the plane and kill the players in the process. The Captain remains unconscious in his seat for the rest of the game.



The Captain is shown to be quite kind, calm, and collected, speaking in a rather formal tone despite the oddities in the flight.