Roblox Airplane Story Wiki

The Airplane series consists of five airplane story games made by Ponchokings.

In the order of the game release date, Airplane is the first game to be released. Airplane 2 and Airplane 3 follows after it. The next one is Cruise.

In chronological order, Airplane 3 is the first game about Ronald( in human form) hijacking a plane and the army sets off to rescue. Airplane is set after Ronald's transformation into an evil monster. Airplane 2 is a sequel to Airplane, and Airplane 4: One Last Flight, is a sequel to Airplane 2.

Cruise takes place between Airplane 3 and Airplane.

The three sequels after Airplane 3 assumed that Ronald was not befriended by the players in the bad or secret ending and revived into a monster by the evil skeleton.

Castle is not in the Airplane series and is not related to the Airplane plot although it is also made by Ponchokings.