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I want to congratulate this brave heroes for bringing the evil to an end!

Ronald Trump, Airplane 4

The Good Ending is one of the two achievable endings in Airplane 4: One Last Flight, along with the Sad Ending. It occurs if the players choose to followGeneral Poncho instead of Ronald. If the players vote to follow Poncho, he leads them to a cave where he says evil energy emanates.  

Suddenly the players are ambushed by infected, and the players run into the maze in the cave to avoid them. General Poncho and the players then find an altar to Skeletox, with an effigy of a plane placed as an offering before a statue of Skeletox. Suddenly, a trapdoor opens, and the players and Poncho fall into a giant room, with Ronald, Pilot Keilly and Jack in cages suspended from the ceiling.  

Ronald warns the players to flee the room, but an enormous Skeletox emerges from the center of the room, saying he has consumed enough souls to be at his full power. A Boss Battle then commences, with the players having to defeat Skeletox with swords. If the players deplete all of Skeletox's health, then he is seen falling into the pit he stands in, and the screen fades to white.  

The Players are then seen with Keilly, Poncho, Jack and Ronald on a stage while President Ronald makes a speech congratulating them for their heroism. Doug, the players father, then arrives, and greets Keilly, revealing Keilly to be the players' mother. When the players turn around, General Poncho has mysteriously disappeared, and the game ends with Ronald saying he'll be saving the world wherever he is.