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This page contains spoilers for the page, Airplane 4: One Last Flight. Please feel free to play the game first before viewing this.

Airplane 4: The Last Flight (commonly known as Airplane 4) is a Ponchokings game released on December 18th 2020 at 10:00 AM EST. It is a sequel to Airplane 2 and the spin-off game Cruise, and, as the game's title suggests, is the finale of the Airplane Saga.

The story centers around a group of players going on a flight to enjoy vacation in the Ro-Hamas. However, things start to take a turn, as a giant giant hooded skeleton attempts to destroy Robloxia, curse and infect its inhabitants, build an army, and complete his curse.





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The game starts in a house, where the players are woken by a character simply named "Dad", who is their father. He reminds them of a flight they will be taking today, and tells them to pack their baggage while he is cooking burgers in the backyard, or be left behind.

The players must then take three items from their bedrooms and place them in their suitcases in a time limit, or take damage. After this, Dad finishes cooking burgers, and invites the players outside to eat them. Each player receives a burger, and then Dad the players listen to a radio news announcement.

The radio tells of a foiled attempt on President Ronald's life, but that the suspect mysteriously disappeared when they landed the Presidential Plane. This message is accompanied by a warning for citizens to stay wary.

Dad then realizes that they are late for their flight, and they will never reach the airport in time on foot. He then leads the players to the garage, where 14 small planes are hidden. The players then fly through an area in the plane, while avoiding obstacles. When they land Dad says that it is illegal to take that shortcut, and hopes they were not sighted.

Dad and the Players arrive at the airport, and are required to obtain a ticket from the boarding gate before progressing. The players must then pass through a metal detector, but are stopped when Dad's "weapons" are detected. Dad and the players are then detained by Security Guards, and warned that they are in trouble for taking the illegal shortcut.

The Security Guards then leave the room, while Dad watches his plane take off without him. The Players then notice a mysterious red circle on the runway. Skeletox, a giant hooded skeleton then appears, who blows up the plane (that has already taken off), then approaches the players and taunts them, saying his plan is complete. He says he built an army out of angry humans, but now has enough strength to conquer the world by himself, before walking away. The Security Guards then reenter, only turned into monsters by Skeletox. They then attack the players, who must defeat them with Baseball Bats they can find in the room. Dad is infected within the skeleton's curse, and tells the players to escape without him. They open a ventilation shaft and climb up the baggage conveyor belt to the roof to escape. They then encounter a mysterious person, who says he is Poncho, Ex-General of the Robloxia State Army.

He says he faked his death, and has been fighting Skeletox for years since. He then leads the players into the street, where they encounter a hooded figure. The figure reveals himself to be Ronald, who says he survived the plane crash in Airplane 3 , though as a monster. When he was shot in the face in Airplane 2, the skeleton's curse weakened over him, but he can only be rid of it entirely if Skeletox is killed. General Poncho refuses to help Ronald, and the players must vote whether to follow Poncho or Ronald. (This is the following ending if the players select Poncho to follow.)

Poncho then leads the players to a maze in a cave where he says evil energy emanates from. The players and Poncho are then attacked by monsters infected by the Skeleton's curse. The players and Poncho then attempt to lose the monsters in the maze. In the maze, they find an altar to Skeletox, with an effigy of a plane placed as an offering before a statue of Skeletox. A trapdoor then opens, and Poncho and the Players fall into a very large room. Suspended from the ceilings are cages with Ronald, Pilot Keilly and Jack in. Ronald warns the players that they are in a trap, and then a gigantic Skeletox appears from the center of the room, claiming to be at full power.

He says he fed off the souls of scared humans, specifically on planes, and he only used Ronald to frighten them because he was too weak. A boss fight then begins. First, projectiles fall at the players locations, and they will damage the player if they do move out of the way in time. Skeletox then leans over and attempts to hit the players with his arm. The arm will damage the players if they touch. Finally Skeletox will slam both arms down at a random players location, doing damage if players are hit. After a while, Skeletox will get stuck, and the players can pick up a sword ( or take out Ronald's sword. If the player bought it) and damage Skeletox with it. The cycle then repeats until either side is defeated.

If Skeletox's health runs out, then he dies, and the screen fades to white. The Players are then seen on a stage with Jack, Pilot Keilly, Ronald and Poncho, while President Ronald makes a speech congratulating them. The Dad then reappears, and greets Pilot Keilly, who reveals that she is actually the players mother. When the players turn around, Poncho has disappeared, and the game ends with Ronald saying that General Poncho will be saving the world wherever he is.

(This is the following ending if you choose to follow Ronald)

You go through the same maze. When you get to the altar, its eyes start glowing. The screen fades white. Then, you are taken to a flashback of Ronald's parents dying. The Doctor says "The crash was too strong. I doubt they will make it. I will give you a chance to say goodbye". Skeletox then appears and strikes a deal with Ronald. He agrees to reviving Ronald's parents if Ronald crashes a plane and takes the passengers souls for him. Otherwise Skeletox takes Ronald's soul. Ronald agrees, and he says "This is for you, mom and dad." (This leads to Airplane 3)


On September 18th On 2020, Ponchokings posted a promo picture on his Twitter, which is General Poncho with the words, ONE LAST FLIGHT. Ponchokings would then confirm the game is in development on September 21 with a picture of what appears to be the game's logo.

On September 26th, 2020, Ponchokings confirmed on his video that this game will be a sequel to Airplane 2. Ponchokings also confirmed that General Poncho and the Skeleton will be making a reappearance.

On October 11th, 2020, Ponchokings confirmed that the game will be released sometime in December.

On November 18th 2020 Ponchokings made a post on his Twitter, saying that he would select 10 cool avatars to appear in a scene in Airplane 4, and telling people to post their roblox avatar in the comments. The aforementioned scene was the Good Ending, where the avatars are standing in the crowd.

On November 21st 10:00 AM EST, Ponchokings released a trailer for Airplane 4, showing images of various locations presumably in the game, as well as a giant hooded skeleton.

On November 24th Ponchokings added a description to the unreleased game saying "90% DONE. THIS DECEMBER".

On November 25th, Ponchokings made a Twitter post saying that the Bad Ending for Airplane 4 will be very sad.

On November 30th, Ponchokings confirmed on Twitter that the game will be released on December 18th at 10:00 AM EST.

On December 1st, 2020, Ponchokings hosted another contest on Twitter to let 10 lucky people have early access to Airplane 4. It ended on December 5, 2020.

On December 7th, Ponchokings released a description for the game on its page. The following description featured: "Welcome to Airplane 4 [Story]! Once again you and your friends gather up to fly and enjoy some deserved vacations! Little do you know, evil forces have gathered more strength than ever! It is up to you and your friends to do something about it and bring peace to Robloxia once and for all!"


  • The house that the game starts in on the outside is the same house that Daycare, another Roblox story game, takes place in. There is also a sign saying "Daycare" with an arrow pointing to the house. The hat of Daycare's developer Muneebparwazmp can also be found in one of the wardrobes, along with Ponchokings' cap and glasses.
  • Both General Poncho and Skeletox made their first appearance, then they returned in Airplane 4.
  • It is possible to glitch out of the airport and into the airstrip when Skeletox approaches. This can be done by spamming the baseball bat button when you have the weapon until you glitch out of the Security Room. When Skeletox runs off, it is revealed that he actually despawns.
  • Airplane 4 has the second largest cast of characters in any Ponchokings game, at 14 distinct characters.
  • According to a Q&A session uploaded by Ponchokings on YouTube, he said, "I think 4 games are enough for a saga", which is why Airplane 4: The Last Flight is the final game.
    • During its time in December 2020 and most of 2021, this held ranking of having the most amount of characters, though in November 2021, this was beaten by Pet Story which has about double its amount of character ranking at 28 total.

This is the second game in the Airplane Saga where it allows the players to use their own animations except for the selected animations for the game itself the previous being Airplane 3.