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Okay! I will, I will become a good person!

Ronald, Airplane 3

This article is about the good ending in Airplane 3, which is obtained when the player that talks to Ronald completes a certain path and says that the players will be friends with him.


If the players befriend Ronald, he will go over his actions and accept their offer, but then suffer a heart attack right after. Just after the cockpit is engulfed in flames, the plane starts to fail.

In response, General Poncho gives the players parachutes to save themselves but will stay behind to save Ronald and Captain Joe before saving himself. He thanks the players for working with him, and heads in.

The players then do the Plane Escape Challenge. Presumably, General Poncho's clothes were burning sometime while the plane was falling, only for the players left before Captain Joe did during the Plane Escape Challenge. Once they land, they notice the Captain made it out alive, and he thanks the players. But Ronald and (supposedly) General Poncho were killed in the plane crash.

General Poncho is not seen, and General Alex confirms Poncho died saving Captain Joe. He then remarks that wherever Poncho is, he is proud (here), and as this happens, the camera moves to a view of General Poncho. The story then ends. Sometime later, Skeletox revived Ronald, transforming him into a black creature as a punishment for his failure (although this isn't shown in this ending).


This badge depicts General Poncho's dialogue icon but a little tilted in the night sky, looking down at the world. Also, the words "GOOD ENDING' in green letters are seen.