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But don't you worry my child. You will have your revenge!

Skeletox, Airplane 3

This article is about the Bad Ending in Airplane 3, where the player that talks to Ronald incompletes a certain path that leads to the Good Ending and says that the players will not be friends with him.


If the players do not befriend Ronald, he will yell out in anger. Then, the plane will start to fail and the cockpit Ronald is in will be engulfed in flames. General Poncho will give the players parachutes for the Plane Escape Challenge. A random player tries to get him to respond and save Ronald and Captain Joe, but General Poncho's intentions are firm: He will leave with the players.

Ronald had a heart attack sometime while the plane was falling, only for the players and Poncho to have already left.

When the group reaches the landing pad, the Passengers are safe, but Captain Joe and Ronald were killed in the crash.

Poncho and his co-worker, General Alex, have a short conversation, feeling bad over having lost the captain, and also talking about Ronald having died as a bad person, then showed relief that he at least wouldn't do anything else.

The latter is false, however. Skeletox (The skeleton) from earlier showed relief over his plan working, then proceeds to work magic on Ronald, promising him to be able to have his revenge, transforming him into a dark spirit bent on revenge and setting up the story for Airplane and Airplane 2. After this, the screen presumably moves to a view of Captain Joe either in his resting spot or a memorial photo.


  • By giving a Teddy Bear to Keilly in this ending, it will be overridden with the Secret Ending.
  • This is commonly considered a canon ending, alongside the related Secret Ending.