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This page contains spoilers for the page, Airplane 3. Please feel free to play the game first before viewing this.

Airplane 3 (Airplane! 3) is the third installment in the Airplane series. It was released on 28 February 2020 at 2:00 PM EST. It is a prequel to Airplane and Airplane 2, telling a story of government soldiers on a manhunt, and explaining much of the backstory.





Pilot Keilly is only interactable with, during the Bad Ending or other Endgames. 


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The players are called to a conference room. The general inside welcomes them, introducing himself as General Poncho, head general of the Robloxia States Army.

Poncho then says that any orders issued by him must be followed at all times, or else the players will be expelled from the team.

Poncho then proceeds to order the players to sit down at the conference table. Those that don't sit down after 15 seconds are killed.

Once the players are seated, he begins a slideshow explaining their mission: a Robloxian hi-jacker named Ronald has hijacked a passenger plane, holding the Captain hostage on it, and while the plane is in autopilot mode Ronald will soon cause it to crash, and the group is to intercept his plans. Soon, Poncho says that he will be not expelled, but Player 2 walks away.

Then, one of the players asks Poncho how the group will reach the plane, and his response is to have the players follow him to a large lift nearby. The lift then lowers into a small cavern, holding futuristic lasers and technology. But the feature catching the most attention is the green propeller plane in the middle. General Poncho replies that the plane is their ride.

Poncho then orders the players to take one of the military outfits behind them, and they comply. Those that don't take an outfit after 15 seconds are killed.

After the players are suited, Poncho goes to the large computer to check the systems, and finds, to his dismay, that the plane is almost empty on fuel, so he starts the Fuel Challenge.

Once the nozzles are in plane, General Poncho quickly fuels the plane. Then, he quickly introduces the players to their pilot for the mission, Pilot Clark, and has him start the plane and open the back door. The players then take seats, and the plane takes off.

Military Airplane:

In-flight, General Poncho reconfirms the plane is flying in the direction of the Hijacked Plane, and makes a remark on Ronald, that he would seem like a nice person, but would do something as insane as crashing a plane.

Then, one of the players asks Poncho about the bananas on the table in the middle of the cockpit, to which he replies that he thought the players could use a snack. The players then take a few bananas, but at they start to eat then, Poncho yells out that they are poisoned, to the players' shock and horror, then brushes it off as an old joke to raise morale, much to the players' annoyance.

Poncho then suggest the players take a nap while the plane just heads toward its target.

It's night time, and a thunderstorm striked the plane. Engine 2 shuts down. He and Pilot Clark informing him that the right engine is failing. Poncho has the players cover him outside the plane while he fixes the engine, to some protests.

On the outside of the plane, Poncho gets to work fixing the engine, leaving the players to endure the Lightning Challenge.

After the motor is fixed, General Poncho comments on the strong storm. Then, Skeletox appears behind the plane, which taunts the players, and then sends a wall of fire their way. The players are then forced inside the plane.

Once everyone is safe inside the plane, Poncho asks Pilot Clark about the skeleton, but the response is that he did not see any skeleton. Poncho decides to put the event aside and continue.

Some time later, the plane has reached the Hijacked Plane. Poncho leads the players out and inside the other plane.

Hijacked Airplane:

The players and General Poncho enter the plane through the back door. Unfortunately, the door into the passenger cabin is boarded up. The players hear a joyous shout from Ronald.

Realizing they have little time, Poncho has the players search the open storage behind them for something to release the boards, and they find a hammer. Poncho quickly knocks off the boards and opens the door into the cabin, and see Ronald heading towards the cockpit, presumably to finish the job.

After that, they heard Noobs crying, meaning that it's the passengers. Poncho has the players save the passengers first, and the players attempt the Passenger Rescue Challenge.

Once all the passengers are untied, Pilot Clark picks them up and informs General Poncho that they are safe. Poncho agrees, but then says that the Captain is still in danger.

General Poncho has one person stand in front of the door to talk to Ronald. The player who steps on the green beam first will talk to Ronald. that player opens the door, initiating the Endgame.

The player asks the the engine is 4, not 2 with the engine adrenaline on using the turn-around while Poncho asks. In October, 12, 2020, he was taking a turnavow and he was taking the overwell.

After the conversation, the plane really starts to fail, the cockpit engulfed in fire. General Poncho gives the players parachutes and has them escape the plane either staying behind to save Ronald and the Captain, or leaving with them to save his own life.

The players them undergo the Plane Escape Challenge, jump out the back left door, and skydive to the ground below.

Landing Pad:

The players land in a small blocked off area in some plains. The passengers are at one corner dancing, the captain's daughter nearby, soldiers lining the area, and Poncho's co-worker General Alex at another corner. If the Captain is alive, he appears next to his daughter. If Poncho and Ronald are alive, they will appear near Alex.

It is here where the player fully realize the consequences of their talk with Ronald.

The 4 current endings in the game are as follows:

Good Ending

Bad Ending

Secret Ending

Monster Ending


Main Article: Gamepasses

Name Effect Cost in Robux Icon
Infinite Lives Gamepass Buyer respawns automatically if they are killed. 500
Be the monster Doubles buyer's HP when activated, as well as increasing their size and turning their skin black with red eyes.

If the owner reaches the end as the monster, the Monster Ending is initiated.

VIP Gives the buyer the following:

  • Exclusive title
  • VIP chat tag
  • 2 exclusive outfits
Chocolate Bar Gives the buyer a Chocolate Bar item every game, which heals the owner by 5 HP every use (Cooldown 5 seconds) 50
Boots Boosts buyer's speed 150


On 10 January 2020, Ponchokings posted a tweet on his Twitter, with 3 airplane emojis. A few hours later, he confirmed Airplane 3 is in development, also revealing the logo. He then noted that the game is in early development, with a release date to be announced. Additionally, the place is now visible in his favorites list, having been created on the same day; however, the general public is unable to access.

Later, on 22 January, Ponchokings tweeted a post of the Hijacked Plane's cabin with the then-unnamed Ronald inside, accompanied by the text, "Who are you?"

Then, on Ponchoking's birthday, a person asked for a release timespan, and the response was that it would come out around late February or early March 2020.

Next, on 5 February, after a short break from new info, Ponchokings confirmed it is still in development and will be out soon, accompanied by a camera view showing the model of the Military Plane. He followed this by saying that a full test of the game took about 26 minutes.

On 10 February, he posted another picture showing 4 military-style outfits, asking which the players would pick. 4 hours later, he released an official trailer for Airplane 3, as well as a link to the video on his Youtube channel. The video showed the gist of the gameplay. In the channel description, he narrowed down the release date to late February.

On 11 February, he released a thumbnail made by ZebraRBLX. 2 days later, he announced the release date: 28 February 2020.

Then, on 23 February, he announced that, in addition to finishing the Spanish translation, that a countdown timer was added to the lobbies of his other games, which would become a teleportation screen when the timer finished. In the process, he narrowed down release to 2PM EST.

Finally, the game released on schedule.


  • Pilot Keilly's backstory was mentioned in the Secret Ending.
  • Unlike the previous games, the Be the Monster Gamepass doesn't unlock a secret challenge, instead being a status buff.
  • The Bad Ending is also the True Ending.
  • The Good Ending Is Made By ARandomPro In YT