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"Like I said. you made a huge mistake."

The Agent after shooting the President, Airplane 2

This page is about the Bad Ending in Airplane 2, which is accessed when the player that grabs the gun before the Endgame chooses to shoot President Ronald.

Story Sequence

The camera zooms in on the player with the gun. They holds it up and fires.

The camera reverts back to the last view, and shows the President lying dead on the floor. The Agent will then scold the players again for shooting.

The screen will then fade to black, and then fade back on, with The Monster in place of an Agent, and the cabin filled with a red aura.

The shooter will realize that the Agent was the monster, and the Monster will counter, saying that the players are the real monsters for what they did. He then announces that he can now take their souls.

The airplane is seen diving, presumably into a crash, and the story ends.


This badge depicts Airplane 2's logo, along with confetti, accompanied by the word "VICTORY" on it.