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Airplane 2 (Airplane! 2) is the second game in the Airplane Series. It tells a story taking place after the events of the first game, where the players are invited to a celebratory flight with the President of the Robloxia States.





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Sometime after the flight takes off, the pilot gets on the intercom and welcomes them aboard. The pilot then introduces herself as Pilot Keilly, and informs the players that they are on the 991 Presidential Aircraft for a personal celebration with the President of the Robloxia States, after having previously saving an airplane. After the news, the players are instructed to find their seats in preparation for turbulence.

Once the turbulence has been cleared, Keilly informs the players that a presidential agent is waiting in the next room, and unlocks the door leading into it. The players, upon entering, get a glimpse of 2 agents finishing a conversation with the line, "And remember, no one should know about this," to the suspicions of the players. The agents then leave, and the next door opens, revealing an agent, who welcomes the players onto the plane, congratulating them for their invitation, and guides them further into the plane, to a conference table. The agent then warns the players that the president has a very short temper, and tells them to do exactly as they instruct and not cause any trouble during the flight. Then, with his instructions finished, he offers the players glasses of water to have while they wait for the President to finish getting ready. One player, however, accidentally causes all the glasses to spill, to the chagrin of the Agent, initiating the Cleaning Challenge.

After the water montage, the players are called into the Dining Room, and are greeted by the president with an shout of "BUILD THAT BRICKWALL!" The president quickly apologizes and introduces himself as Ronald. Ronald then invites the players to share a meal, only for the nearby agent to tell Ronald that the chef messed up and the meal is not ready. Ronald gets worked up and orders the agents to throw the chef off the plane, then pick a random player to finish the soup, forcing them to participate in the Chef Challenge. Regardless of the outcome, the meal is served. Ronald has the players sit down and eat, and they enjoy the meal.

Ronald ends up having to leave early to attend to business. The agent remains behind and tells the players to head down the hall to the Computer Room. Once they get there, another agent informs them that the room is used to protect their systems and the president. He then has them crack the code to open the door to the Presidential Suite to complete the Computer Challenge. After the code is cracked, the surprised agent thinks about changing the code and allows the players in. The players are then greeted by President Ronald once again, who apologizes for having to leave early, and allows them to sleep in his bedroom, albeit not without having them find the misplaced keys.

Once the door is unlocked, the players take a nap.


Later, at night, the players, unable to sleep, have a small late-night talk, feeling something is off about the flight. Then, they see the bedroom curtain moving, which reveals the Monster in the hallway to the cockpit. The Monster laughs about the players forgetting him so early, and summons a wall of lava, starting the Fire Challenge.

The lava forces the players into the storage room in the back of the plane before disappearing, to the shock and horror of the player.Then, lava rises from the floor, prompting to get the players up high. Then, the phone rings, prompting the players to answer. On the other side is Pilot Keilly, who has the players come to the cockpit so she can give them some information. The players leave, while Keilly gets to work unlocking the door. However, the Monster is not willing to let them go, and starts the Monster Chase Challenge. If somebody in the server has the be the monster gamepass, they will transform into the monster at this point and untransform at the end of the Monster Chase Challenge.

Once Keilly unlocks the cockpit, the players get in safely. Keilly then reveals to the players that she is also an agent and knows much about the Monster, and tells the players his backstory.

The Monster was originally an unpopular human who, oddly, liked plane crashes. He eventually tried to make one crash himself, only to suffer a heart attack before he could. His spirit, in the afterlife, hunts down people like the players, whom he blames for his death.

Keilly then informs the players that the Monster can morph into any person, anyone on board, and then places a gun on the dashboard for one person to use to kill the Monster. The player who clicks the gun first will take the shot.

The players then head back to the office and are confronted by the President and an Agent, who demand the gun to be put down. The player with the gun can choose to shoot either, or not shoot at all, their choice determining the outcome of the Endgame.


Bad Ending

Jail Ending

Good Ending

Halloween Ending(Event only)


For a list of all gamepasses across all games, see Gamepasses

Name Effect Cost in Robux Icon
Slurpee Gives the owner a Slurpee item every game, which heals the user be 5 hp every use 50

Slurpee (Airplane 2)

Running Shoes Owner moves twice as fast, and has a unique trail 150

Running Shoes (Airplane 2)

Golden Apple Gives the owner a Golden Apple that, when consumed, fully restores the player's health 100

Golden Apple (Airplane 2)

Fire Mask Doubles the owner's hp 200

Fire Mask (Airplane 2)

Master Chef Doubles the owner's chance of being selected to participate in the Chef Challenge 250

Master Chef (Airplane 2)

Be the Monster 2! Allows owner to activate the Monster Challenge, and take the role of The Monster when they do so. 500

Be The Monster (Airplane 2)

Pilot Radio Gives the owner a Pilot Radio item that allows them to broadcast a message to the rest of a server. 300

Pilot Radio (Airplane 2)

Notes Challenge

There are Notes found at multiple places in the airplane. Clicking on all 7 will give the player access to a special cutscene.

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