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This page contains spoilers for the page, Airplane. Please feel free to play the game first before viewing this.

Airplane (commonly known as Airplane 1 or Airplane! 1) is the first game in the Airplane Series. It tells the story of a civilians flight home.

Characters (all debuted)


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The plane the players have boarded has taken off. In-flight, the Captain makes an announcement, informing the players that the plane is functioning normally, and encouraging the players to look around the cabin.

The players look around for a few seconds. Then, the Captain comes back on the intercom and instructs the players to use the code on their Flight Ticket to find their seat in preparation for the upcoming area of high turbulence.

Once the plane is past the turbulence, the Captain will inform then that the Crew will enter the cabin soon with some snacks for the players. Sure enough, two flight attendants come out and give out sandwiches to all players, or for first-class players, lobster. However, a random player, allergic to mayonnaise, shouts, "Wait this sandwich has mayo? I'M ALLERGIC TO MAYO!" starting the Allergy Challenge.

After the allergy montage, the captain informs the players that the plane is at a stable altitude, and suggests the players take a nap, which they do.


When the players wake up, it is night time. The Captain announces that the aircraft is flying normally and suggest the players stretch, which they do. Suddenly, the lights cut out, accompanied by the sound of something powering down. The Captain promises that the Crew will fix the power, and goes off the intercom.

Then, one of the players points to a mysterious figure on the right-wing. The figure taunts the players, then saps out more power. Suddenly snakes spawn in the cabin, initiating the Snake Challenge. After some time passes, a random player will inform the others of an unlocked lavatory and suggest everyone go in, to which they comply. After some time, the players have a discussion and go back into the cabin.

Back in the cabin, the players notice, to their relief, that the figure on the wing and the snakes in the cabin are gone, and the power is back on. The Captain then gets back on the intercom and announces while the power is up again, the plane rapidly losing cabin pressure. He then deploys the plane's oxygen masks and starts the Oxygen Challenge. He assures the players that the masks will keep the players safe, but this is proven false when the power surges again.   

Once the light come back on, the players realize, to their horror, that a random player had a bomb strapped to them during the power surge, and, after panicking, attempt the Bomb Challenge to try to save the unfortunate player's life.  

Sometime after the bomb montage, the players bring up the fact that the Crew hasn't spoken to them for a while. They eventually find the flight attendants unconscious on their seats in the back left corner, starting the Search Challenge.   

After a series of prompts, the players open the door to the plane's cockpit, and to their horror, see the creature again. He then threatens them again, saying that they will "pay" for what they have done, and that he brought them all there. After his words, he disappears, and the remaining players, finding out the the Captain is unconscious, the autopilot mode is off, and the plane is falling, must complete the Autopilot Challenge or all be killed.   

After the plane is safely in autopilot mode, the players use the emergency telephone in the back and phone the Airport Crew about the situation. The person on the other end informs them that the airport is taking control, and asks someone to sit on the Co-Pilot seat next to the unconscious Captain, to keep the plane on track. The players head back to the cockpit, and one sits in the seat as needed. Seemingly, all is well, but then the creature from before suddenly appears behind the co-pilot. The creature mocks the players, saying they are funny and that their destiny has already been written. He then offers to rule the underworld for eternity with the co-pilot if they crash the plane, initiating the Endgame.  

The monster is revealed in the Secret Ending as being called Ronald, who claims to have died of a heart attack on a flight, and was not saved by the player. 


Good Ending

Bad Ending

Secret Ending

Solo Ending

Monster Ending

Game passes

For a list of game passes across all Airplane games, see Game passes

Name Effect Cost in Robux Icon
Panda Plushie Gives the buyer a Panda Plushie item every game, that slowly regenerates health when equipped. 50

Panda Plushie (Airplane)

First Aid Gives the owner a First Aid kit gamepass item every game, which, when consumed, fully heals the owner 250
Life Vest Doubles the owner's max HP 200
Anti-Snake Spray Snakes are unable to target the buyer. 100

Anti-Snake Spray (Airplane)

Energy Drink Significantly increases owner's speed. 150

Energy Drink (Airplane)

Be the Monster! Allows owner to activate the Monster Challenge, and take the role of The Monster when they do so. Pass also activates in Airplane 2. 500

Be The Monster (Airplane)

First Class Gives the owner the following:

-A seat in one of the first four rows, each composed of 6 seats as opposed to the usual 9

-A golden Flight Ticket

-A Lobster that heals 100 hp that replaces the Sandwich

-A badge when playing with the gamepass for the first time


First Class (Airplane)